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Beautiful Laughter

The other morning, my son had a full out meltdown while we were trying to get ready for the day. He didn't want to go to school, so he was using every tool he could think of to try and stay home. He didn't feel good. There was too much snow. His school uniform didn't… Continue reading Beautiful Laughter

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Living with Sugar and Grace

I have a confession. Yesterday morning, I bribed my kids with marshmallows at 7 am. I am not proud of this, but after the insanity I experienced previous morning (just ask my neighbor I totally lost my shit in the driveway trying to wrestle my hysteric son into his car seat), I decided to take… Continue reading Living with Sugar and Grace

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Once Upon a Weekend

It's Sunday night, and I am finally enjoying some quality downtime now that my kids are sleeping. This weekend has been hectic, and my kids have experienced a level of crazy I didn't think existed. Don't get me wrong- with my kids being 7 and 4 years old, I've seen my fair share of crazy… Continue reading Once Upon a Weekend