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Hectic Holidays

Does anyone else out there have a love/hate relationship with the Holiday season? I love all of the lights, decorations, time off of work with my family… but I absolutely hate all of the running around, the mess left in the aftermath, and the expectation that we have to spend as much time with everyone… Continue reading Hectic Holidays

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Happy Birthday

Today is my twin boys' 6th birthday. For most parents, this is a joyous occasion, filled with presents, birthday cake, smiles and laughter. But for me, Today is filled with all of that and more. Today will also be filled with grief, longing, and sadness over missing the son that should be here celebrating with… Continue reading Happy Birthday

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Finding balance in my life right now is hard. I think most people can relate. But then there are others that are just going all in, one way or another, on something they find to be their best coping mechanism. I have some friends that are training for marathons in their down time (my husband),… Continue reading Balance