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Always OK

I heard someone say today, that they don’t explain how they truly feel when asked, because of how uncomfortable it makes others to hear the answer.

That hit home for me.

If I were to tell someone all of the scary, traumatic, depressing things that have been going through my head, they would probably need comforting. And when I’m the one struggling, the last thing I want to do is comfort other people.

Just like this person said, it’s easier to just say I’m fine. I’m ok. I’m always ok, because when I’m not, it makes other people uncomfortable.

I feel that as a society, we need to learn how to better help each other. When someone suffers from any type of mental health problem or struggle, we have started to run the narrative that we want them to speak up. To ask for help. But when we do speak up, our friends and family can be so uncomfortable with the conversation that we are made to feel like more of a burden.

Some of us already feel like a burden every day. We are overwhelmed just trying to keep our heads above water, and don’t have an ounce of energy to worry about how our feelings make others feel.

So until we can start listening and offering each other more support, know that we are fine.

I’m always OK.

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