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Hectic Holidays

Does anyone else out there have a love/hate relationship with the Holiday season? I love all of the lights, decorations, time off of work with my family… but I absolutely hate all of the running around, the mess left in the aftermath, and the expectation that we have to spend as much time with everyone we know in a two day period.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our family. But carting two kids to my in-laws at least twice, my sister in laws and then my parents, and then hosting everyone for Christmas dinner is overwhelming. It’s become so much, that we haven’t even attempted a Christmas church service in several years.

And then there are all of the additional activities we parents need to remember. Class parties, dress up days, sporting events, birthday parties, doctors appointments, and breakfast with Santa. Life with kids is hectic and crazy to begin with, but throw in the month of December, and I need a weeks recovery in a padded room!

I would rather be home, with us all in our matching pajamas, watching our favorite holiday movies on Netflix and sipping on a glass of wine for two days. Watching my kids open their gifts and then play with everything new is the highlight of the season for me.

I know I can’t be the only one on the verge of a panic attack on a daily basis.

If my son tries to construct the traps from Home Alone again this year, I may just end up in that padded room earlier than I thought.

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