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It’s been a while since I have last written. To be honest, I’ve struggled with what to write the last few months. I could blame a busy schedule, lack of alone time, the pandemic… but the truth is, I had no idea what to write.

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Like pretty much everyone else in the world, I feel as if this last year has been one crazy event after another. This past week alone I have dealt with a child that started out with faking a tummy ache to get out of school, which then turned into him getting sick with a cold. He then had to get a Covid test to be able to go back to school, wich turned into him missing three and a half days of school. On top of that, my husband tore his IT Band in his knee while running, so he has been home recovering which left me to step up my game in taking care of additional work around the house. Add in my older child that had a visit from the green eyed jealousy monster because her brother and daddy were getting special treatment and she was feeling left out- and this Momma was was at her whits end!!

And that was just last week.

I’ve been through a month of being down for the count with Covid, followed by lingering symtoms and heart trouble. People close to me shaming me for getting sick. My kids getting threatened for being in school before I knew I was sick. Trying to work full time while being sick, because I didn’t want to leave my coworker stranded. Worrying about my family getting sick. Missing friends and family, and the normal interactions of the Holidays.

My house is a full blown disaster zone. My kids are hoarders. I’m debating sending them away for a week this summer and ordering a dumpster so I can “clean” the house without them realizing that I’m just throwing away all of their accumulations of junk that they will never notice is missing.

I’ve gotten to the point where I have gotten so used to not going to the store, that my online shopping has gotten out of control. If we have a day that a package isn’t delivered, my kids wonder if something got lost… and my husband is starting to wonder if I got a second job behind his back. (But I swear I am NOT contributing to the hoarding problem…)

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Each day seems to bring a new level of insanity that I just can’t seem to grasp how we got to this place. I wake up with high hopes of a beautiful day ahead, filled with smiles and laughter with my family. Then somehow I end up yelling at my son not to put the cats tail in his mouth 100 times before lunch. And as much as I try to get my daughter to put the iPad down and do something with me, all I get is an eye roll. Then an hour later I get yelled at because I never spend any time with her, and all I do is spend time with her brother. Which is technically true, but I hardly think that monitoring what goes in his mouth all day counts as quality time together.

I know our crazy days are not abnormal these days. With so many people working from home, going to school remotely, and spending so much time together as a family, we are all bound to go a little crazy at times.

But will someone please set my mind at ease- has anyone else had to work hard at keep their cats tail out of a 6 year old boys mouth?

Is it just me?


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