self Care

What do you do for personal development?

I personally prefer reading books and blogs to gain insight on different topics. This allows me to take notes, highlight or write down specific information that resonates with me.

Books are great, because I can physically hold them in my hand and write all over them. I can grab it right off of my shelf and underline passages that I want to remember. When it comes to personal development books, my shelf is full. I’m like a college kid studying for finals, taking notes and earmarking pages.

Blogs have their own unique benefits also, like being able to read and take in many articles or posts without having to purchase a book. I can obtain so much knowledge from other people going through the same struggles and pain that I may be facing, and can find tangible advise or suggestions. Though I can’t underline and earmark them, I can “like” and comment to the writer to let them know when their words speak to me.

How do you practice personal development?

What are your go-to methods for learning and growing?

What are your dreams and goals in life, and how do you plan to make them a reality?

Growth is endless…

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