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Hard Things

Some days I find it extremely difficult to get the things I want to do accomplished. Even basic things like getting up and getting dressed and out of the house.

Days like this usually find me feeling exhausted and struggling to find the energy I need to push forward to make my goals happen. Add in any type of road block like not feeling well, having a sick child, or any type of additional stress and you can pretty much consider me done for. My personal goals are not going to happen. At least that’s how it used to be.

Some days are still like that, because let’s face it, no one is perfect. But I’m a work in progress and am trying to find little ways that I can use to fight through these moments where I know I usually give up on myself. In these moments, what can I do to help myself eliminate the negative self talk that gives me every excuse to quit before I even get started?

How about a little positivity?

Giving ourselves a little positive pep talk can actually go a long way in encouraging our brains to keep going. It’s like being our own little cheerleader, pushing ourselves to the finish line. I like to keep a list of positive affirmations handy that I can say to myself every day when I wake up, so that I set the tone for my day to be a positive one.

My daily affirmations list

No matter what happens that can throw me off course, I have this list to fall back on that tells me I can handle it, and I am strong enough to keep pushing through my day. Regardless of the circumstance, my affirmations can always come in handy to keep me in the right mindset to remind myself that I can make it to the other side of any situation put in front of me.

Each day we get to wake up is a chance to start over and try again. No day is going to be perfect, and we are not expected to always know the answer each time. But if we just keep trying, and remember that we are worth the work we put in to make our dreams a reality, then each day we have an opportunity to do amazing things.

So today my friends, when you have a chance to do something great, remind yourself that you are strong, you are courageous, and you can do hard things.

This is your day to do amazing things.

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