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How I Got Noticed at the Gym

Remember when I joined the fitness center at work, and then farted in yoga class? Well I am happy to say that it didn’t stop me from continuing along my fitness journey.

I haven’t gone as much as I would have liked, but yesterday decided to fight through my urge to skip it and went to walk on the treadmill after work. I am not a runner, and probably never will be, but I do enjoy some fast uphill walking to work up a sweat. The only thing that I had to get over was how many people were there this time of day, because it can be a little intimidating to be the chubby girl walking while the gazelle runs next to you. But then I reminded myself, “You survived farting in yoga class and still made friends… You can survive anything!”

So I got on that treadmill, put on my headphones to listen to a motivational podcast, and got to walking. I was surprised by how good it felt to move, and quickly increased my speed and incline. I was on fire, working up a sweat going as fast as I could without running. I managed to pull off 2 miles in 30 minutes before I realized it was time to go.

And now here is where the story gets good.

I knew enough to slow down gradually, and cooled down for a couple of minutes. But when I finally came to a full stop and tried to step off, my legs felt like I was walking in a bounce house and threw me into the wall.

I had a water bottle in one hand and my phone in the other, so I wasn’t able to catch myself quick enough, and slammed my head right into the bulletin board that was announcing mushrooms as this months “super food”. It took me a minute to gather my balance and push myself upright. And then I remembered where I was.

I turned around to find 6 people gathered around me staring, some asking if I was ok. I was frozen in embarrassment and unable to form any type of reply. The gazelle that had been running next to me came over, waved everyone else away and announced I was fine. Then she walked me back to the locker room, placing a hand on my back to steady my steps.

What happened next restored my faith in humanity, and reminded me to never judge a book by it’s cover.

She started by telling me how she did the exact same thing the first time she used a treadmill.

How it’s taken her 3 years to be able to run.

She told me that she has struggled with her weight, and still doesn’t see herself as the beautiful healthy person she has become.

And then she gave me some pointers for how to use the treadmill to avoid future incidents.

Yesterday I was reminded that everyone is fighting their own battles.

We should never judge someone by their appearance, and we should never let others intimidate us so much that we avoid working on our own goals and dreams. Do I plan to be a runner in 3 years? Probably not. But I am determined to live a healthier lifestyle, and that means dragging my tired butt to the gym whenever possible.

And next time, I will walk next to the gazelle, because she has become my inspiration rather than my intimidation.

And she will save my ass when I fall again.

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