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Giving Thanks

I am so thankful for naps. And for having a husband that lets me take naps while snuggled up with my son. Pretty soon there will be a day when he won’t let me snuggle him for a nap anymore, and when that day comes so does my ability to nap peacefully.

There is something magical that happens when I snuggle up with one of my kids. They wrap their little arms around me, and almost immediately I can barely keep my eyes open. Regardless of what my day has looked like, this moment brings a wave of peace over me. It washes over me, from head to toe, and magically everything is right in the world. All of my stress disappears, anger and frustration dissipate, and suddenly my energy level dissolves to nothing. My eyes close slowly, and within minutes I’m snoring like a baby.

Without fail, every night my husband has to wake me up out of one of my kids beds. He calls me “snuggle narcoleptic”.

As I grow older, it seems there is less and less in my life that brings me peace. Being an adult, and a parent that also works full time, is filled with stress. We have to worry about finances, our health, staying gainfully employed, and on top of everything also need to keep our kids alive. Most days, I struggle to make it through without feeling like a failure.

I spent too much money. I ate too many carbs. I forgot to get milk on my way home from work. I skipped my workout. I forgot to text back my friend that I haven’t talked to in forever. The list goes on and on.

But when those tiny little arms wrap around my neck, and their sweet little lips kiss me on the forehead, everything else disappears. Then when they whisper in my ear, my heart melts into a giant puddle in my chest.

“I love you Mommy”.

It is music to my ears, and the magic that keeps me going every single day.

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