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The End is Near

We are quickly sneaking up on the end of 2018, and I am feeling the pressure to bring some of my goals to life. When I came across the #last90days challenge created by Rachael Hollis, I found my motivation. Or at least I thought I had back on October 1st when the challenge started. Since then I have continued on my personal growth journey, but have let a few aspects fall to the wayside as I became busy with all life has to offer to a working momma like me. That motivation I thought I had found started to get lost in the shuffle.

So now, today, I am taking back my drive to make changes. I am going to end this year stronger than I started it, and I am going to make my dreams a reality.

I’m still not sure how, but I am determined to find a way.

Of course when on a journey of self improvement, I need to have self care at the top of my to-do list. Here are my favorite ways to show myself a little love.

After taking care of myself both emotionally and physically, I have so much more energy to actually work on my goals. On the days where I don’t follow through taking care of myself, I notice that my motivation is non existent. When I get up early and really focus on myself, I am encouraged and excited to take on my long list of goals.

On the top of my list? Writing a book. I have two started so far, and a long way to go, but I will make it happen someday.

Next? I want to use what I’ve learned through the loss of my son to help other grieving families. I just joined a committee on our local March of Dimes chapter to assist with the 2019 March for Babies, and I am hoping this experience will help me to learn what else I can offer to the community.

There are so many goals on my list, and it will take a lifetime to accomplish them all, but I am determined to fight for myself every step of the way. Because at the end of the day, only I can make my dreams come true.

I know I can accomplish anything I work hard for. I am stronger than I give myself credit for on most days, and it’s time I realize that I have the ability to do more. Now that I am learning how to take care of myself, I will be better able to keep my motivation strong, and be more present in every single day.

So today, I am looking forward to the future, for the first time in a long time.

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