self Care

Morning Focus

As I review my goals and intentions for tomorrow, I took a look at myself and how I start my days. After all, doesn’t the morning set the tone for the rest of the day? If I struggle to wake up, rush through getting my kids and I ready, am I really going to be able to be successful for the rest of the day? And how are my kids going to get through the day at school after a rushed and crazy morning?

I realized that the first goal I need to focus on to be a better version of myself is to have a more calm, organized, and intentional morning.

I need to wake up earlier, so I don’t run out of time. I need to get up before my kids, and find time to relax or exercise. I need make time to plan my day, and review my goals. I need to start hoping and just thinking about making changes.

I NEED to start making my goals a reality.

I NEED to focus on checking items off of my list instead of writing them on a new list every day.

The struggle is real my friends. I’m a dreamer with a heart filled with hope and good intentions, but my follow through has a 0-1000000 track record. Does anyone else do this too? Do you self sabotage your goals by feeling like you have accomplished something simply because you thought about doing it, or wrote it down in your journal?

Tomorrow I will wake up, and do what I’ve been planning to do for weeks.

I will wake up earlier and focus on myself, plan my day, and focus on God’s intentions for me.

A new day is a perfect opportunity to start again.

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