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If you haven’t heard of Rachael Hollis, and have not heard of her book, “Girl, Wash your Face”, I highly recommend you look her up. She is the most positive and motivational person I have ever seen/heard. She has a challenge going on right now called #last90days, which I signed up for. It starts today, and the main point is to make the end of the year amazing for yourself, so you can start the new year off with momentum to be the best version of yourself.

Today, I focused on drinking more water (nailed it!), gave up eating candy (what was I thinking with Halloween around the corner?!?), and focusing my mind on the 10 things I am grateful for today. I didn’t quite find time to have an hour to myself, but have set my alarm for an hour earlier tomorrow to sneak it in before the kids wake up.

Because I’m short on time tonight, and have a little one literally laying on top of me while he falls asleep right now, I’m going to just share what I am grateful for today. What better way to end the day by thinking about all of the good things in your life today?

1. I am grateful to have a job I love, and one that can keep me laughing, and feeling appreciated and accomplished at the end of the day.

2. I am grateful to be a part of my daughter growing in her faith. As we focused on her religion work to prepare for Reconciliation tonight, I was in awe of her faith and understanding of our God.

3. I am grateful to have a husband that made an amazing soup for dinner tonight.

4. I am grateful to have clean, fresh water to drink.

5. I am grateful for the technology we have today that makes life so much easier than generations before us.

6. I am grateful for having kids that love to snugggle their momma!

7. I am grateful to be able to afford a safe and reliable vehicle to drive my family.

8. I am grateful for friends that are like family to me.

9. I am grateful for the other people in my life doing the #last90days challenge with me, so we can help keep each other motivated to succeed.

10. I am grateful for floss! Seems like a silly one, but when you have something stuck in your teeth, this is a life saver! 😊

What are you grateful for today? What is something you want for yourself? I am so excited to continue on this journey to work on me, and with the help of this challenge to help keep me focused and energized, I can honestly say that I am really looking forward to seeing some amazing transformation in my life.

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